Episode 24: Alameda County Food as Medicine Initiatives

Last week was Food Champion Week at Aliados Health. We hosted a Food Champion Roundtable event, and taped two podcast episodes related to food and nutrition. This is one of the podcast episodes and features Dr. Steven Chen (Chief Medical Officer) of All In Alameda County and Jessica Jamison, MPH (Director of Patient and Community […]

Episode 23: COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

This episode features Dr. Danielle Oryn and Dr. Lisa Ward. Dr. Oryn is the Chief Medical Officer/Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Aliados Health. Dr. Ward is a Regional Medical Director at Marin Community Clinics (MCC), located in Marin County. Dr. Oryn will be asking Dr. Ward questions about MCC’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

Episode 22: Expanding Food Access & Improving Nutrition Education Through a Food Pharmacy

This episode features Michaela Moss, a health educator from Marin City Health and Wellness Center (MCHW), who will talk about their food access and nutrition education initiatives. This is a unique episode, as it was recorded in March of 2020, just as the pandemic was starting to affect health centers. Many of the health center’s […]

Episode 21: The Power of Medically Tailored Meals

This episode features Cathryn Couch who is the founder and CEO of Ceres Community Project, a non-profit working to foster health by connecting people to one another and to a healthier food system. Ceres provides 150,000 organic medically tailored meals annually to primarily low-income people struggling because of a health challenge. Youth volunteers grow food […]

Episode 20: Patient-Centered Medical Home Transformation & Behavioral Health Integration

This episode features health center staff Michelle Hill and Avani Bedagkar. Michelle is the CQI Coordinator at Long Valley Health Center (LVHC) in Laytonville, CA. She was the Patient-Centered Medical Home (or PCMH) Project Lead when LVHC applied for certification in 2018 using the new 2017 Standards and Distinction programs. LVHC was the 1st Health […]

Episode 19: Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Patients with Diabetes

This episode features Julie Vlasis, “Compliance Officer and CQI Coordinator” for Sonoma Valley Community Health Center. In January of 2020, Sonoma Valley documented a promising practice titled “Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Uncontrolled Diabetic Patients”. While a lot has changed since January, Sonoma Valley has continued to expand its Continuous Glucose Monitoring (or CGM) project and […]

Episode 18: Childcare Resources

This episode is all about childcare. Childcare is an ever-present need for our workforce. Every county in California has a Resource and Referral (R & R) agency that serves as a hub for parents and childcare providers. They connect children and open spots, train providers, and manage financial assistance options that are available. This panel […]

Aliados Health releases RFPs for COVID patient portal and communications work

Aliados Health has released two RFPs around COVID related work in patient portal and communication. Patient Portal RFP – responses due September 20, 2020 Patient Portal Communications RFP – responses due September 10, 2020  

Episode 17: Patient Portals

This episode features Jennifer Inden, Aliados Health’s Health Information Technology Project Manager. She is joined by three health center representatives who will explore the different facets of realizing a successful Patient Portal. A Patient Portal is a secure website or app which patients can access certain health records, review lab results, and send messages to […]

Episode 16: COVID-19 Series – Aliados Health’s Response

This episode is the sixth in our series of COVID-19 focused sessions. The goal of these sessions is to share information with health centers that can help make this challenging time a little bit easier. This will be our last COVID focused session and features Aliados Health’s CEO Dr. Karen Milman who will talk about […]