Episode 24: Alameda County Food as Medicine Initiatives

Last week was Food Champion Week at Aliados Health. We hosted a Food Champion Roundtable event, and taped two podcast episodes related to food and nutrition. This is one of the podcast episodes and features Dr. Steven Chen (Chief Medical Officer) of All In Alameda County and Jessica Jamison, MPH (Director of Patient and Community Engagement) of Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center. They discussed their many food initiatives including food as medicine. ALL IN Alameda County expanded its Food as Medicine to Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center in February 2020. Tiburcio is a primary care clinic in San Leandro, serving the Ashland and Cherryland districts. This partnership builds upon the prior success of Food as Medicine at Hayward Wellness, part of Alameda Health System. Food as Medicine provides an integrative model for healthcare that addresses the social determinants of health and chronic disease. This model shifts medical practices by giving healthcare providers in Alameda County’s network of community-based health clinics the tools, training, and infrastructure they need to utilize healthy food interventions in combination with group behavioral support to improve health, socio-emotional wellbeing, and food security for Alameda County residents.

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