Why Enroll Children in Health Insurance?

There are three great reasons for children to have health insurance: (1) to have access to health care during a critical early childhood developmental stage; (2) to manage the household’s health care costs; and (3) to obtain needed well-child and preventive care that includes immunizations, screenings and primary care visits.

For health insurance enrollment or renewal assistance please contact a Certified Enrollment Counselor at any of the following locations:  Enrollment Sites.

What We Do

Aliados Health implements the Healthy Kids initiative through a team of Certified Enrollment Counselors (CECs) who can assist pregnant women and households with children aged 0-5 in Sonoma County to enroll in or renew whichever type of health insurance program they qualify for.  Our CECs are trained to explain the health insurance selection and enrollment process; to assist in completing forms and providing required documentation, and to assist in identifying health care and provider networks. Services are confidential and provided at no cost.  Assistance is available throughout Sonoma County.

First 5 Sonoma County

The mission of First 5 Sonoma County is to maximize the healthy development of all Sonoma County children from the prenatal stage through age five through support, education, and advocacy. First 5 Sonoma County promotes and funds programs to improve children’s health and healthy development, ensure families are supported and nurturing, and provide all children with access to high-quality early care and education. Since 2010, First 5 has helped fund Aliados Health’s health care enrollment and re-enrollment services for pregnant women and children aged birth-five years of age.

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