Are you ready for the next emergency/disaster?

An emergency or disaster can happen at any time.  Are you prepared at home and at work in case there is an: earthquake, flood, fire, infectious disease outbreak, or other disasters?

Aliados Health’s Emergency Preparedness work engages with community health center leadership, county departments and partner agencies in Marin, Napa, Sonoma, Contra Costa, Solano and Yolo counties to provide links to resources for personal and agency emergency preparedness planning and after an emergency services.

The resources on this page were also gathered to support individuals and health center staff as they develop personal and health center preparedness plans as well as to provide information about post-disaster community resources.

General Preparedness

It is important to be informed and stay informed. Each county has emergency preparedness websites that provide a variety of links and useful information.  Check the links below for general emergency information as well as to learn how to: make a plan should a disaster/emergency occur in your community; create an emergency kit; prepare for vulnerable family members and pets; and access community education.

County Emergency Preparedness Information

Emergency alert notification systems:

Emergency Alert Notification Systems vary from county to county. You may want to register for notifications where you live, work and attend school.

General Alert System: NIXLEis a community information system that sends geographically relevant information such as alerts, advisories, traffic information and community information via text, email, and over the web. Text your zipcode to 888-777 to sign up.

County Alert Systems

Marin County: Sign up for Alert MarinIf you live, work or go to school in Marin County and are 18 and over you may register your cell phone or VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone to receive emergency alerts sent by call, text, email, or smartphone application from the County of Marin.

Napa County: Napa County Emergency Services uses NIXLE (see separate listing on this page) to provide emergency notifications. Click here more information.  Napa County also uses the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) to provide the public with life-saving information.

Sonoma County: Sign up for SoCoAlert SoCoAlert is an emergency notification service that gives Sonoma County first responders the ability to notify residents and businesses by telephone, mobile phone, text message, email, and social media about geographically specific emergencies.

Yolo County: Sign up for Yolo County’s notification system. This system enables officials to provide essential information quickly when there is a threat to the health and safety of residents. The emergency notification system database currently includes all listed and unlisted landline telephone numbers that are serviced by AT&T and Verizon.  If you would like to be contacted on your home phone, cellular phone, work phone, TTY device, email, or via instant messaging – you must register using the opt in portal.

Sources:  All County Alert System information is taken from their webpages.

Pacific Gas and Electric Public Safety Power Shutoff Notifications:

All Californians need to take important steps to be prepared for the 2021 wildfire season, such as creating an emergency kit and thorough emergency plan. Learn more about what California’s largest energy companies are doing to address the threat of wildfire and to find information about how to prepare for a shutoff click here.  To sign up with PG&E and update your contact information click here or call 1-866-743-6589 during normal business hours. Source: PG&E Webpages.

After an emergency/disaster: community resources

Need help with housing, food, transit, health and work resources?  You can find programs, connect to services, and view hours and locations here.