2016-2020 Strategic Plan – APPROVED JULY 8, 2016, Revised 1/1/2017

Where We Are Going

Aliados Health’s major focus for the next three years is to strengthen the capacity of member health centers to act as a regional network of comprehensive primary care providers that provide access to consistently high quality clinical care, effective care coordination and reduce health disparities

Value-Based Care Delivery

Enhance the ability of member health centers to operate within an emerging value-based care environment

Access and Equity

Support member health centers to increase access to equitable, high-quality care for the communities they serve

Strategic Alignment

Assist member health centers in exploring opportunities to
strategically align to be successful in a value-based environment

1. Modernize delivery system data infrastructure:

  • a. Lead implementation of an integrated data analytics platform
  • b. Gather uniform data on social determinants of health
  • c. Support coordinated care through health information exchange

2. Facilitate member health center agreement on Shared Clinical Standards and Protocols

3. Provide peer-sharing, training and other education opportunities to promote member understanding and use of population health management tools and strategies

1. Advocate to preserve and expand access and equity in healthcare for all

2. Partner with social services, building community partnerships to address complex needs of patients as identified by health center assessments

3. Provide training and resources to ensure coverage enrollment, maximize retention and promote health insurance literacy

1. Explore business models for joint value-based initiatives and joint contracting

2. Explore the role of Aliados Health in regional workforce collaborative and promotion of workforce strategies

3. Convene member health center CEOs and CHC Board Leadership to discuss merger and alliance trends and opportunities


Advocacy and Regional Leadership

Build Aliados Health’s presence and effectiveness on a regional, state, and national level as an advocate and partner to address the needs of low-income patients and sustain the community health centers that serve them

Peer Leadership Networking and Best-Practices Sharing

Facilitate peer forums and evidence-based programs that enhance the identification, description, and spreading of health center best practices throughout and beyond the Aliados Health network

Relevant, Effective, and Sustainable Consortium Infrastructure

Develop and maintain Aliados Health financial, programmatic, and technology infrastructure and human
resources that promote the strategic goals and core competencies of Aliados Health and its members