September 6, 2018: MAVEN Project Educational Session, Addiction Medicine: Suboxone Management:

The MAVEN Project is very excited to announce our upcoming Educational Sessions! As always, these sessions are presented via Zoom videoconferencing, and consist of 20-30 minutes of a presentation and 15 – 20 minutes of Q&A. Our volunteers are eager to discuss your patients, so please don’t hesitate to come with questions or cases you’d like to discuss.

Speaker: Dr. Fredric Jarrett

Specialty: Addiction Medicine

Presentation Title: Suboxone Management

Bio: Dr. Fredric Jarrett was active in the private practice of general and vascular surgery and as a clinical teacher for several decades. His areas of expertise included surgical infections, diabetic vascular problems, aortic aneurysms, cerebrovascular disease, and venous insufficiency. He authored more than 100 publications including two books, and was a member of surgical societies in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, and the UK. He was president of the Allegheny Vascular Society, the Eastern Vascular Society, and the Southwest Pennsylvania chapter of the American College of Surgeons. Since ceasing hospital practice in 2013 he has performed outpatient work with patients with opiate dependence and continued writing on healthcare subjects including arterial and venous disease, medical history, and healthcare economics.

Time: 10:00am

Location: webinar