Episode 12: COVID-19 Series – What Matters Most to You?

This episode is the second in our series of COVID-19 focused sessions. The goal of these sessions is to share information with health centers that can help make this challenging time a little bit easier. This episode features Ellen Barnett who is a recently retired family doctor. She practiced for 20 years at the Integrative Medical Clinic in Santa Rosa and was on the faculty of the Sutter Family Medicine Residency from 1987 to 2016. She developed the Imagine You project as part of her work in the non profit Integrative Medical Clinic Foundation. Imagine You offers tools for self care that we can use for our own wellbeing and as we work with our patients and clients. In response to several recent disasters in Northern California, such as the wildfires, and now COVID-19, the Imagine You project offers trainings to organizations working with the most vulnerable in our communities. This conversation with Dr. Barnett will introduce listeners to one of the Imagine You project’s tools and demonstrate how the tool can be used for self-care, as well as with patients in clinical settings.

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