Trauma Informed Care

November 9, 2017: Trauma Informed Care

Target Audience: RN case managers, MA’s and social workers working with a complex care management population in health centers and community organizations

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the formal and informal support systems in the community for behavioral health patients.
  2. Analyze problems as they occur in the community work setting and provide support and information to solve these problems.
  3. Collaborate with other treatment team members from a variety of disciplines and perspectives in the treatment of individuals, families, and other groups.
  4. Demonstrate awareness of the challenges individuals with mental health problems and diagnoses face in regard to human rights, access to services, financial strain, and social stigma.
  5. Assume ethical responsibility for their actions and abide by the ethical principles outlined in the field of Human Services.
  6. Establish and engage in a process of continued personal and professional growth in order to remain personally healthy and effective, and professionally competent.

Please contact Claire Cain to register by November 6th

Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

Location: North Coast Builder’s Exchange

Contact: Claire Cain