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Aliados Health Stimulant Use Disorder CME Presentation

This webinar from Health Management Associates will be for Aliados Health CMOs and supporting clinical staff, we hope you will join us November 10th 12-1 PM PST.

In addition to fueling overdose deaths, there is an explosion of adverse health consequences associated with stimulant use. The health effects of stimulant use may not always be evident due to limitations in toxicology testing and missed opportunities to track lingering effects that last well beyond the acute exposure. Additionally, treatment staff frequently cite lower retention rates for patients with stimulant use disorders compared to other use disorders. This webinar will explore the neurobiology of stimulant use, review the short- and long-term health effects and describe the evidence-based treatments that can improve treatment retention and aid those with stimulant use disorders entering recovery.
Learning Objectives:
+ Compare and contrast cocaine and amphetamines
+ Differentiate between the acute, chronic, and lingering healthcare effects of stimulants
+ Discuss interpretation of toxicology results in relation to stimulants
+ List the 4 evidence-based treatments of Stimulant Use Disorder from the SAHMSA evidence- based resource guide.

Please note: application for CME credit has been filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Determination of credit is pending.

For more information contact Michelle Rosaschi.

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