Episode 9: Healthcare and The 2020 Census

This episode features Bethany Snyder, Aliados Health’s ( Aliados Health) Advocacy Consultant, and Darlene Rios Drapkin, a Partnership Specialist at US Census Bureau. Our guests will talk about the upcoming 2020 Census.

April 1 is Census Day! Every ten years the U.S. government conducts a census to count every resident in the US. It is a huge undertaking that greatly impacts the health care sector. Census data guides the distribution of more than $115 billion in federal funds to California each year. Aliados Health health centers serve over 230,500 patients each year, which amounts to millions of dollars in needed funding over the next 10 years. Our guests will discuss what you need to know about the census, how to reply, and how you and your health centers can ensure your patients, staff, and community get counted.

Aliados Health has added information about the census, including outreach efforts, materials, and a short video explaining the census to our website. To access this information go to aliadoshealth.org and click on the census banner located on the home landing page, or click here.

Aliados Health is working within our four county region to make connections and find resources to share with health centers. As Aliados Health collects additional resources and information, we will add these to our Aliados Health census webpage.

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