Episode 42: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion with CommuniCare Health Centers

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion reforms are critical and challenging. CommuniCare Health Centers strives to be humble and learn from their staff and the communities they serve, as well as commit to their own development in unlearning patriarchal, heterosexist, white-supremist systems, while learning anti-racism best practices in trauma informed care. This episode features CommuniCare’s Dr. Suzanne Eidson-Ton, Chief Medical Officer, Yvonne Page, Respite Services Supervisor, Sara Gavin, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, and Desirae Spignor, Behavioral Health Manager, who share their journey and specific examples of DEI and anti-racist efforts in their organization and community health centers, including agency-wide education efforts, changes in recruiting, hiring and retention practices, and a renewed and reinvigorated focus on equity and inclusion among their staff, as well as the health equity outcomes of their patients and clients.

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